About Us

Our Storefront :

We are a family owned and operated business. We have been in the wallcovering business since 1983. We now have the largest selection of in-stock wallcoverings in the southeast with a mix of current and closeout patterns. As well as a extensive wallpaper book collection with thousands of wallcoverings to select from.

Interior Studio :

Located within the Wallpaper Store we offer Interior Design Services. Meet our team :

Angie g. Herron, ASID

TN Registered & NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer


Courtney d. Dallas

Interior Design Consultant & CAD Specialist

We are happy to help you with any type of design. Our project range from floorplans to pillows.

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Our Services


We offer MANY services :

Wallpaper (with brands including) : Anna French, Arcadia, A-Street, Brewster, Candice Olson, Jaima Brown, Kenneth James, Magnolia Home, Ontario, Patton, Ronald Redding, Seabrook, Thibaut, Van Luit, Wallquest, Washington & York.

Hardware :

We have several cabinetry & bath hardware lines (with boards & samples in-store!) Some of our lines include : Atlas, Hardware Resources, Jeffery Alexander, Liberty & Top Knobs.

We also have access to custom window treatment hardware line.

Window Treatments & Bedding :

Window Treatments (including shades, shutters, panels & valances) - We have many different options for style & material for hard treatments as well as semi-custom & custom lines for our soft treatments. Giving them the designer look at an affordable price.

Bedding - We have many different bedding collections. Some available online as well as access to a workroom for custom pieces. 

Custom Picture Framing, Mirrors & Art :

We offer in house custom picture framing. Each mitered corner is joined with glue- the original frame technique. Select from hundreds of frame profiles in many different finishes. We enjoy continuing this craft, my uncle Mitchell and his wife Dianne started 30 years ago in their own home. We also have many custom framed artwork pieces & oil paintings hanging throughout the store. We also have access to several art lines.


We have several rug lines we regularly order from. Including 100% wool rugs as well as natural fibers.

Closet Design

Interior Designer Angie g. Herron and brother Brad Geren of Geren Custom Furniture & Cabinetry partnered to help fill the need of closet redesigns. Neat Closet Designs offers both a semi-custom closet line (featuring Freedomrail systems) as well as a custom wood closet option built by Brad and designed by Interior Studio. 

Let us help you organize your life!

Papering Tips

Order Tips

Confirm square footage.

Allow excess for pattern repeat.

Or call us to help you with your measurements!


Free USPS Shipping with most samples.

Samples are mailed from east coast & can take 3-10 business days depending on location.

Need faster? Call us.


Orders are processed every weekday. Unless notified orders usually arrive within 4-5 business days of order date. 

Prep: New Drywall

Apply a wallcovering primer

(this provides a smooth surface for the adhesive to adhere to & will make it easier to remove later)

Prep: Painted Walls

Fill any cracks or holes with spackling compound. When dry, sand till smooth. Clean walls with bleach or ammonia & water solution. Then apply primer.

Prep: Existing Wallpaper

Remove any old wallpaper & sand smooth. Clean walls & apply primer. *Hanging over paper is not recommended. But if you are... apply a primer to wallcovering. If it bubbles after drying it has to be removed. If no bubbles use a vinyl over vinyl paste to adhere new paper.

Wallpapering Guide

Hanging Paper


# 1  Start in an inconspicuous spot. Determine strip measurement & possible pattern placement. 

# 2  Cut strip leaving a small excess on top & bottom.

# 3  Lay strip pattern side down on a flat surface. Brush water, activator, or paste on the back with a paintbrush. (See photo)


# 4  Fold paper over from each end to meet at the center. Paste to paste. This is a booking process to active the paste and relax the wallpaper. Allow to set for a few minutes for the adhesive to activate. (See Photo)


# 5  Unfold top portion of fold and position on the wall with level or plumb line. Leaving a small excess at the top of strip to trim later. First & last strip on each wall should have approx. 1/4" to 1/2" lapping onto adjoining wall to hide corner when leveling the first strip of the new wall. 

# 6  After top portion of strip is level smooth out portion with a smoother or brush, from center toward the edges to remove air bubbles. Unfold bottom of strip & repeat smoothing. If wrinkles occur, pull strip away from wall & rehang. (See Photo)


# 7  Trim along top & bottom of strip with a straight edge & sharp razor blade. (See Photo)

# 8  Clean strip with wet sponge

# 9  Determine pattern match for next strip. Cut strip & fit strip edges together without any overlap or gap. Carefully match seam.

# 10 Allow wallpaper adhesive to set a minute, then roll seam with seam roller to ensure adhesion & tight seam.

# 11 Before hanging the last strip on the wall measure the distance from the edge of the last strip's edge to the corner (adding in the corner lap).

Hanging Border


# 1  Measure wall width corner to corner. Each border strip should extend to the full width plus 1/2" to extend around the corner.

# 2  Brush onto the back of the border (water, activator, or paste). If the border is being applied over a vinyl wallcovering - use a vinyl paste.

# 3  Fold border as shown back to back - allow time for paste to activate. (See Photo)

# 4  Hang the border & lap onto the next wall approx. 1/4" to hide the corner. Smoothing as you go.


# 5  Starting a new roll at the corner matching the pattern & positioning for the new wall. Clean the border with a sponge & fresh water.


-Use a sharp razor blade. (Like the snap-off knives)

-On large repeat patterns work off of two bolts of paper at a time to save paper from the repeat.

-Hang on room temperature walls. Temperature can affect the seams & bubbles.

-Save a sample & the pattern # with run/lot number of your wallpaper. These numbers are critical for locating the pattern later.